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But a Carnival Cruise can be over 1 grand! I would love to visit a timeshare presentation or promotion in Orlando or Kessimmee Flordia, if travel is free then I will be coming there. Most if not all of these timeshares have a backout policy that allows for a full refund within days of making the decision. Once you sign up, get out of there, have a good time and cancel when you get home.

They cannot apply the same pressure over the phone….. Unfortunately, it seems the resorts are catching on to this strategy. There may be a way around it, but probably only with legal help. I cancelled the next day and there was no grief. That is exactly what I did and it worked. I only stayed for 30 minutes of the presentation and canceled the day I got home. However, if you want to get hooked up with some free gifts just for showing up it seemed worth it to us. We had a good time, they hooked us up with a show and dinner just for coming. Hard to complain…. There is a lot of bad stigma when it comes to timeshare presentations.

Im now extending a 3 day 2 night VegaStay complimentary at one of our Resorts. Once you have arrived into Vegas and checked into your Resort courtesy of VegaStay, you will be required to take a minutes timeshare tour of Geo Holiday at the Jockey Club. I know other companies say 90 minutes but ours if minutes. If you decide you are purchasing a timeshare then yes it will take longer. There is no voucher that you have to mail back or anything like that. If you would like to learn more please feel free to visit our website or give me a call.

Thank you Drew for letting me tell my short story on your site. Happy Travels!! Is it for one room or? We have 2 little ones and 2 teens…. Would we all fit in one roon for that price? I am interested! Please email me Lin. I have Villa Del Plamar so people please check it out for a family of four its only for the total family. Two adults two children under 13 years of age. And no at that price we dont do airfare. Can you help us? Hi, my wife and I are looking for a timeshare in Flordia, we live in New Mexico if we can get help on the travel we would love to visit a timeshare presentation in Orlando, Kissimmee, or Daytona Beach.

I want to celebrate my 62nd birthday and retirement in , late February or early March in the Carribean. How can I visit a presentation to connect me with this vacation spot? Information is in Spanish. Me an my wife will b traveling to Las Vegas november 1, we would like to learn about your timeshare promotion.

I work in the front end of timeshares i book all inclusive vacations plus mini vacays across the us that has tours attached reasonably priced anyone interested contact me jbellingham86 gmail. Hi, I am interested in Las Vegas trip. I and my wife are planning for vacation in Las Vegas. Hi, my wife and I are interested in a timeshare in Flordia, we live in New Mexico do you help with the travel expense to orlando or Kissimmee, call Would like to go with my kids to cancun mexico in January something reasonable or possible Florida!!

Does any of the timeshare include the fligh? Cause sometime that could be quiet expensive for us 5. I actually work in the industry and sell the packages to visit a beautiful time share resort in Orlando or Las Vegas. Best deal going right now.

Cancun All Inclusive Timeshare Vacation Packages

My family has all taken advantage of this deal and want to do it again. I have no problems with the product at all. Feel free to email me for details. I am interested in Las Vegas, Florida, and bahamas or something similiar… even alaska or maine!! Call mention ARP number. Could you please send me the information on the time share presentation in Las Vegas and Orlando. Could you contact me at mnqwise yahoo. Please send info on Orlando one, including how far from DisneyWorld and if a shuttle is available.

Please send timeshare presentation information for Orlando and other southern cities for my Wife and I. Thank you much. I am interested in the promotion for new Orleans. If you have anything for Tennessee or florida that would be great also. I would like you to email me as well about the vegas promo. Looking for vacation ideas! Hey top3travel could u please send me information on Orlando packages.

Kennedycecelia10 yahoo. I am interested in something in the San Francisco area. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Joe Johnson Pls send me all info you may have about these discounted time sh tour vacays in orlando. What is your email address? I am very interested on giving this a try. You can email me at juliocbetancourt gmail Thank you.

Im wanting to plan a family trip from may 14 to may 21 to vegas. Could you please email me info to Katrina. Hi, my wife and I are interested in visiting a timeshare in Orlando, do you help with the travel expense, call Thank you in advance. Do not believe everything you hear during the timeshare presentation: Timeshare presentations are known for being extremely high-pressure and for using misleading sales tactics.

You will be told that a timeshare is a good investment, that you can travel all over the world with it, that you can sell it easily, that you can rent your weeks in case you cannot use them. Those statements are not true. Ask as many questions as possible and be sure that all the verbal promises are written in the contract.

Have kids? Mention the water park and try for that one in Orlando. Use my code and there is NO experation date! There are good timeshares out there, as well as there are people who feel happy about their timeshare purchases, especially those who enjoy to vacation at the same place and are not spontaneous travelers. Unfortunately, due to the big number of timeshare scams being committed against many vacationers, the industry has gained a terrible reputation.

Timeshare fraud has been around since the timeshare idea was created, but they increase during poor economy. Desperate to recoup some money to pay for bills, they can easily become victims to scams artists pretending to be their timeshare salvation who will take upfront fees -as much as five number figures in some cases- but fail to fulfill their promise. Top3Travel Destinations Can you please email me some information to jennigalvis06 hotmail.

Hi guys. We also offer cruises and restaurant vouchers, all you have to do is attend the min presentation and you will receive your gift. There is no obligation to buy, you only need to show up on time and listen to the presentation. For more info, please email me at Skyhighvip gmail. Hi we are interested in visiting a timeshare presentation but travel is a problem from ne mexico, can you send me a travel voulcher to N 3rd in Lovington, or call Does anyone ahve any information on that?

Top3Travel Destinations and others, I am considering taking our family of 5 on a 4-day vacation with a Timeshare promo at the beginning of April. Would prefer a location Mexico, Carribean or Florida on the beach. All-Inclusive is an added bonus. If you take a look on eBay, you will certainly find a cheap timeshare for sale. Some time shares are sold for even less than a dollar. Unfortunately, the majority of timeshare presentations, if not all, are high-pressure and misleading, and they use all type of deceptive sales tactics to get a sale done.

However, a cheap timeshare for sale is not a good deal. Even when the timeshare is paid in full, there are still lots of financial responsibilities that are attached to them.

Sandos Timeshare Promotion & Online Travel Agent - Sandos Resort Promo: ()

My husband and hope to go to Hawaii this May or June. Any promo presentations out there? I also am looking to go to Hawaii and would like to try a timeshare resort before buying, any suggestions? I went with my husband to Villa del Palmar presentation and we paid for 5 days vacation. I would def go again. I lived in Phuket for 6 years so I know it well. Please be aware that the presentations are generally getting softer and more sincere as the hotels with good reputations realize that people i.

Its good business for everyone. Cheers from Cozumel, Mexico. Hello Lin, do you still have deals for any of those resorts? I would really love information for an all inclusive vacation for a family of 5 kids ages 24, 21, Would love Punta Cana, Riveria Maya, etc…. We are all about the terms and conditions. Just added some Las Vegas vacation promotions. Are you still interested in a package? You can stay at the hotel or the resorts.

Travels guests.

Best timeshare presentation to attend - Cancun Forum

Please send me information on the packages listed. I am interested in the timeshares. Can you please give me more information please. I am interested in the Orlando timeshare. Can you please email me some info. Looking for sep If you still have timeshares for the smoky mountains, I would love them! Personally, I think that timeshares are really scary. I get really nervous, because I know that they really try to sell things to you until you give in, but fortunately I have never fallen for it. I was recently introduced by a friend to a page that does exactly what this article is about.

We only had to pay dollars and we had a great time. It was a Palladium discovery promotion thing the web page that we used if anyone wants to go down there. Anyone living near or going to Vegas, or Salt Lake City call me to get details on presentations and great gifts for attending including free Vegas Stays.

Can u please contact me with more information. I will be traveling to Vegas later this year. Please email me info at Katrina. Thanks, you can email me to vannesathricik gmail. I just came back from the Massresort. The place is beautiful. Is there a way to get around that? Never buy a timeshare in Mexico or any other foreign country. Not to mention, you are bound by the laws of that country which can end up very badly for you if things go south! Having been in the timeshare industry not anymore , but still in the travel industry, I can tell you that there are much better alternatives like travel clubs that offer the same kind of resorts and even more properties for a fraction of what you would pay for a timeshare.

Maybe Disneyland tickets? Message me and I can set this up.. Do I have to provide proof? Also, they ask that we bring our id and a major credit card as proof of identity. Why do they need a card? Hello there, I am looking for a way to take my hubby and daughter on our very first family vacation in 19 years. My husband is a recent retired disabled veteran of the Army of 20 years and at 43 my husband is 9 months into his first time of sobriety from alcohol in 30 years. We never had a honeymoon or were ever able to take a vacation because of his addiction and when he was sober it was 2 deployments in a war zone overseas fighting for his life.

I want to surprise him on his 1 year of his new life. We are on a very tight budget due to daughters graduation and loss of active duty pay down to retired and most places do not give retired military perks anymore. Willing to do timeshares or other promotional deals since retired now.

Awesome information provided on the site. I would like to know if you had any more specifically for Aruba? I am an owner at Massanutten Resort. Please email me at : Mandy. I have a wonderful vacation plan that I would like to sell. Please email me if you would like to discuss.

Great gifts. I actually own a company that schedules timeshare presentations. However, sometimes they really do make sense for some people. Either way, it is true that you can save hundreds of dollars just for attending! I say, if you want to save some real money, spend 90 — minutes listening to what they have to tell you! If anyone is interested in giving it a try, I manage multiple locations nationwide including Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Branson, etc.

Try to beat that on your own! Shoot me an e-mail at misty. I would like timeshare presentation info at any Disney and Vegas location! Looking to book soon! I would like a timeshare for disney. Hello, I work for a company that does 90 minute presentations for a great vacation offer. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call on my office phone Mon, Wed, Fri 4pm-9pm. Tue and Thur 12pm-9pm and sat 10am-3pm.. Ask for Ayanna. Please send me packages available for Florida or Las Vegas.

Andrade7 yahoo. The best offers we have vacationed on have been by signing up for hotel rewards acct, you then are in the database and they send you special invitations for vacation offers. Personally Im not too interested in the Vegas, Orlanda, Cancun typical timeshare spots but going to Hawaii and the more exclusive properties are work a 90 minute presentation.

I would like to know of any time share vacations that may be for the Daytona Beach and Orlando area. We tried to do a nice vacation a few years back and had to leave after being only l8 hours down there. Amanda a little girl who was going with us ended up having an attack where she stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. We were down in Florida and had to rush back up just to have her mad because she was allowed to leave the hospital and could have been in Florida that evening.

So we would like to try and take her now since she is a little older. And the reason for time share is that if we see we like it and can afford it, it would be a place to be able to plan to go to each year, and it should in the long run be a little cheaper. I enjoy timeshares. Can anyone email me on trips and free stuff. Hello, I am very new to this… Could someone please talk to me directly about how to get these. We have out 10 yr anni coming up.

I would live to stay in Jamaica and get these sick rates for an all-inclusive. Could some one recommend what to do… Thank you. I am interested in visiting timeshares. Please send me information on vacations you have to offer. I am interested in the time share promo. Please send me some info. The number above is MY phone number, please remove this comment or I will bring legal action against this website.

All trips are anytime check-in. No Black out dates. With 1 full year to travel from purchase date. If you are trying to get away for a week then ask me about The Explorer Package. Call me. Looking for the Best Vacation deals? We offer Timeshare presentations and non Timeshare Vacations. S and International destinations! Only asking for you is to attend a 90 minutes presentation. Available for online print and mobile redemption. Client must log in o access redeemable merchant coupons. BIG mistake!!!

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  • Cancun All Inclusive Timeshare Vacation Packages & Promotions.

I tell them up front they have only 90 minutes that I agreed to and I check my watch frequently. Ontario, Encino or Orange in CA,. Irving in Texas,. Tukwila Wa, or.

Cancun Hotels and Places to Stay

Requirement — couples married,cohab, engaged must be age may vary depending on location and must have proof of same residency eg. Irving Texas vacation deals are as follows: 3 days 2 night stay in Orlando, FL or Las Vegas plus roundtrip airfare for 2 valid for 1 year; Ontario, Encino and Orange vacation deals: 3 days 2 night stay in Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Reno Nevada plus roundtrip airfare for 2 valid for 1 year Richardson Texas deal: Round trip Nationwide airfare for 2 valid for 1 year.

Visit our online store now. I was looking to attend time share presentation for april th in San diego would like to receive the promotion. Hello Mona, We can help you with your Timeshare presentation. If anyone has any information, that would be great! The 90 min presentation is conducted the day after your arrival.

Package is open dated for 24 mos of travel. Feel free to drop me a line at reservations dreamscapetravels. I am interested in the condominium stays in Galveston, Texas. I will listen to a timeshare presentation if need be. Hotel vouchers up for grab to Bali! At a bargain price and those willing to attend a 2 hour VIP preview at no cost. Karma Jimbaran 3 bedroom privaye pool villa sleeps up to six people 7 nights and 8 days.

Amazing deal in Hoi An, Vietnam! Willing to attend a 2 hour VIP presentation at no cost and obligation. I need a vacation…Interested in all travel ideas. Limited e-mail access. Please contact me at Looking for opportunities to check out some all inclusive resorts and both Disney locations. If anyone here wants to show me what they have available just shoot me an email jdhoot hotmail.

I am interested in attending a timeshare that includes airfare from nyc for two. Please contact me via email. How does the free 2 roundtrip airfare in Us work for attending the minute presentation? Is it difficult to get reservations? I assume you must pay a deposit? Does anyone have real experience with this? Wow, if there was any doubt about the about the money these people make on these things, just look at the comments! Recently sat through a presentation and got a future free week at a timeshare. I think it helped that we were staying there with current owners my in-laws. The free week was pretty sweet.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Free Travel From Timeshare Presentations. May 6, So what do I get? How do I find these things? Online There are a number of ways to find presentations online. Make sure you know whether the price is nightly or for the entire stay. Who they target In general they look for married couples above the age of My honest recommendation This is not the best way to get free or cheap travel.

Related Posts. Comments Erik says:. AngelQT says:. Raul says:. Rick says:. Joel Proulx says:. Let me know of your interest for a 90 min presentation. I do have access to multiple resort in Mexico. Thank You. Nadia Quevedo says:. All Global Vacations says:. Kim says:. Jason Sanchez says:. Humayun Khalid says:. Mark Ricafuente says:. Tameka says:. Tawanna Dubose says:. Orlando Rodriguez says:. Dee Marin says:. Leanne says:. Christen Gillis says:. Im interested in the trip…. Hawaii… Jamaica. Atina Brantley says:. Olga says:. Aaron says:. Tokeyfia Dailey says:.

Margie says:. Lollie Klaus says:. Avp says:. Hello I am Interested in the free cruise Tell Me more.

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Just email me at avuspupster gmail. Karen V. Marian Davila says:. Stephanie says:. Laurence Cepek says:. Tracey Bowers says:. Angela Bronson says:. Jason says:. Sarah says:. Angie says:. Holly Morales says:. Sonia says:. Ben Delgado says:. Felisha says:. Jacqueline barnes says:. Regards, Tracey Bowers. Good morning, I am interested in a Mexico vacation. Are you still in that field of work? Andrea says:. Joel says:. Name info couple married age timeshare owner. Kat says:. Adiba says:. Ivan rodriguez says:. Jennifer Buserini says:. Jcs says:. Darell Campbell says:. Coz says:. James Newman says:.

Carole Ginsburg says:. Tina Marir Ruble says:. Shannon Wallace says:. Are there any vacations that we could book to travel within the next few weeks? Pamela Satepauhoodle says:. Christina Moore says:. Leah says:. Who was it through? Lcknipe yahoo. Timeshare says:. Amirah says:. Misty says:. Lisa, I have a great deal going in Myrtle Beach right now for February! Latricia Dasent says:. Tina Marie says:. Teoy says:. Patricia says:.

Please send me information on available offers and destinations. Carol Smith says:. Mike dugan says:. Emmanuel says:. Sania says:. Me says:. Antrynette says:. Loretta M Young says:. Misty Rogers says:. Sachie, I handle Festiva Resorts in Orlando and would love to help you. Marion Kelly says:. Emmett wheeler want come Vegas October 23 ,24 looking for great deal. Patricia Howard says:. Please send me information on available offers and detinations.

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Melanie Rohricht says:. Blair Martinez says:. Danielle says:. Bonita baity says:. Hi, I am instructed in Las Vegas Vacation. Me and my wife are planning for a vacation. Tina Marie Ruble says:. John Dugan says:. Larry says:. Walker says:. Hernan Navarro says:. Cabo Mexico 5night 6day all inclusive, 2 adults and 2 children 12 under Located in the heart of town resort. Qualifications apply hernannavarro1 gmail. Wendy huang says:. I am interested in Cabo Mexico presentation. Please e-mail me.

Willie Brown says:. I am very interested in a promotion to Orlando, is travel included? Crystal says:. Julie McKee says:. Nicole says:. Jennifer Lau says:. Thanks in advance. Please send me information on all available offers and destinations. Shantay says:. Kari says:. Brenda says:. My husband and I are in Vegas now and interested in a presentation. Please send information. Hi, I am interested in Las Vegas Vacation.

John says:. Hello, Interested in Cancun timeshare presentation for mid-February. Laura Bruce says:. Laura R says:. Paty says:. Christina says:. Paul says:. Jake says:. Ambrosia says:. Jake, I want to do exactly what you did. This means that it cannot be a debit card, prepaid card, gift card, business credit card, etc. If you are married or cohabitating with a significant other you must also present valid, non-expired state-issued photo IDs with matching addresses.

This is to prove that you do in fact live together at the same residence. You will also want to print out your confirmation letter and bring it with you. This letter has all the information for your stay along with the terms of the timeshare tour deal, so this will definitely help avoid any discrepancies during check in. Hotel rooms have strict occupancy levels they must abide by due to fire codes set forth by the county laws. Your tour will never be on the day you check in or the day you check out. It will take place on the 2nd day of your trip in the morning.

If the time is not indicated on your confirmation letter it will be scheduled with you during check in. If you fail to make it to the tour, or show up late, you will be charged the full rack rate for the stay. Timeshare resorts frown on using multiple deals back to back. The tour is not something to dread. It helps you to get familiarized with the property layout and see where all the amenities are. It will end up helping you keep your bearings during your stay.

You can take pictures, post on social media, and make sure to really live it up during your stay. The resorts already know that only 1 out of every 10 people who attend the resort tour will end up buying into the program, BUT they hope you fall in love with it and recommend it to all your friends and family.

Maybe they will earn your future repeat business and maybe your family members or friends. That is what they get paid to do. For some people, like those that have a favorite travel destination they like to visit yearly or those that can see a benefit of having access to thousands of hotels and locations to trade into it, timeshare may be a good fit. For some, like those that prefer cruises or staying in other locations without the hassle of exchanging through the network, it may not be for you.

Some companies will be give you a voucher or certificate showing that you completed your tour. If they operate this way make sure not to lose it. This is necessary for check out because you will have to give it to the front desk so they will be able to account for your promotional nights.


If you fail to give them the voucher you will be charged full price for the stay. You can really find good deals on hotel rooms with this method and save yourself literally thousands of dollars, if you know where to look. Even the savviest of travelers use these deals to save money. This will give you an opportunity to see what the offers are, provide you with a bit of education about pricing and how the whole timesharing program works, and you may even find something that will suit you and traveling style for an affordable rate.

You may have heard stories from friends or family members, or seen other sites online warning you to stay away from these types of offers, but things have certainly changed over the past decade. Honestly, you having a good time and recommending these hotels and resorts is worth way more. These are the best deals, with the most savings right now. If you have questions regarding any of the stays on our site you can email us at info staypromo.